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How to Work Your Eye Shape

Thu, 07/09/2009 - 10:47AM by Melissa Rich 0 Comments -
I met a nice young lady on my train ride home earlier this week, she complimented me on my make-up and shortly after the make-up discussion started. She told me that she would like to try different looks with her eyes, but because she didn’t have much lid space she wasn’t sure how. I explained to her that with her specific eye shape, there are special techniques that she could use to enhance her eyes…so today I decided to do a post on the shapes of eyes and how to enhance them.</p>

All eyes are not created equal, so what might work for a person with almond eyes, won’t necessarily work for a person with hooded eyes. Below is a description of each different shaped out and the techniques used to enhance them.


Close-Set Eyes
This eye have a dramatic, sultry look. It can be enhanced by concentrating colour near the eye's inner corners. Extend smoky shadow beyond outer corners to exaggerate them. Brush lashes out.

To make the eyes seem farther apart,
o Apply the most intense colour near the outer corners of the eyes.
o Line top and bottom of eyes in any colour, but begin drawing a quarter of the way out from the inner eye.
o Smudge lines.
o Dust a highlighter (or light-coloured eyeshadow) just below the outer corners of lower lashes to call attention to the outsides of eyes.
o Brush mascara on to upper and lower lashes.

Almond Eyes
These are the most common eye shape with their upswept lift at the outer corner. These eyes calls for creativity. These eyes can be made to look deeper and more intense.

Hooded Eyes
These eyes are set so the natural crease in the eyelid is not readily seen. Highlighting the brow bone and lining the lash base gives hooded eyes an alluring shape.

To enhance hooded eyes
o Apply a medium to dark shadow on the crease and hooded area.
o Sweep a lighter shadow on the brow bone and on the inside corner of the eye.
o Draw a very thin line along the top lash line (to keep the eye looking open) and smudge with a cotton swab.
o Apply black mascara to upper lashes.
o Line upper lash-line only. Gradually soften shadow as you approach the brow.

Deep-Set Eyes
This seem to recede, need to be brought forward. The eyelid crease is set back so the area from the base of lashes to brow bone seems hidden. To enhance the deep-set eyes line upper and lower lids (never just upper). Choose light shadows -pale pink, peach or beige- of eye shadow. More intense shading on the brow bone also gives the eyes prominence.

Protruding Eyes
o Draw a fairly thick line all the way across the top lash line with a brown or black pencil.
o Apply a medium to dark shadow on the lid and in the crease. (As on the body, dark colour makes the features recede.)
o Finish with a coat of black mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Wide-Apart Eyes

It tends to give your face an open, youthful appearance. This look can be intensified by applying the strongest eye makeup effects near the outer corner of the eye. Keep shadow uniform and within outer corners. Brush lashes straight up.

<p>To make the eyes appear closer together,
o Use more intense eye shadow colours near the inner corner of the eyes.
o Line eyes completely – top and bottom – from inner to outer corners.
o Apply a medium-toned shadow to lids and creases, concentrating the colour on the inner corners.
o Use mascara generously, on both upper and lower lashes.

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